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GameBase attempts to make running games on various emulators very easy
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The once popular Commodore 64, an 8-bit personal computer, had many thousands of games created for it that C64 users enthusiastically played and stored from, and on, cassette tapes and 5 1/4" disks. The GameBase program was developed so that software written for the C64 could be preserved for posterity and continues to be enjoyed. This "emulator frontend" program, as its creators know it, will allow you to view and launch C54 games on your personal computer, today, if you download the C64 Collection of games entitled GB64, and Screenshots, which are freely available. You must also make sure that Visual Basic 6 runtime files are installed on your computer, which are also freely available, from Microsoft. You can also use this universal emulator frontend to create your own game databases for other emulation systems.

The C64 database collection includes more than 15,000 entries and it can store music files, game docs, and any other file you wish, via the Extras option featured in the program. You can also store multiple versions of games using this Extra feature since the program uses the GEMUS scripting language to run them. The database is also a useful record of a game's history, and information includes references to each game's Publisher, year of Publication, Programmer, Genre, Musician, etc., all accessible and searchable using the database's extensive search engine. The search engine allows customization of views that you can create to say, view all games by your favorite developer, or view games that allow a certain number of players, for example. The program's Windows' style interface is also fully customizable so you can create the look and feel that you want or even substitute any images or sounds with your own.

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  • Enables 8-bit games to be played today


  • Requires Visual Basic 6
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